High-quality, experienced, and seriously fun dance instruction

What I Do

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What People Say

- quotes from students -

I attended my first dance class ever, it was fun and seamless! Jered’s relaxed, open style created a perfect class for any amount of previous training.

R.L. – Berlin, Germany

Thank you for an amazing weekend full of inspiration, fun and dance, dance, dance! Bad-ass teaching made us have an extraordinary time!

K.A. – Heidelberg, Germany

I’ve danced for four years… Your [class] was the first time I could actually FEEL my center move and how it affects my partner.

R.S. – Zurich, Switzerland

I’m still buzzing! Great classes thank you so much, and I loved watching you dance!

T.M. – South Cheshire, UK

Jered changed the way I dance in one freaking class.

B.R. – Boston, MA

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